Black+White in America: How Deep the Divide?

Where and how are Americans working toward racial harmony and reconciliation?

Day One

Morning (session begins @ 8:30 a.m.)

Birmingham...Then and Now

Mayor William A. Bell

Charleston, South Carolina: How and Why a City Dealt with Grief without Bombings and Turmoil

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

Response to the Mayors

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange

Panel Discussion: The Role of Civil Leadership

Led by Professor S. Jonathan Bass
Samford University History Chair

Afternoon (session begins @ 1 p.m.)

Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church: The Racial Divide in the United States Revisited

Most Rev. Edward K. Braxton, Bishop of Belleville in Illinois

Harper Lee and Atticus Finch: What they Teach American about Innocence, Sin, Judgement, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

Professor Wayne Flynt, Professor Emeritus, Beeson Divinity School

While the World Watched

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Maull McKinstry

Evening (reception begins @ 6:30, concludes @ 8:30 p.m.)

Hosted by Mayor William A. Bell
520 16th Street
North Birmingham, AL 35203

A reception for registered guests, compliments of the Mayor’s Office.

Day Two

Morning (session begins @ 8:30 a.m.)

Toward Healing, Harmony, and Reconciliation - Panel of Religious Leaders

Led by Rev. Dr. Fisher Humphreys, Professor Emeritus
Beeson Divinity School

A Theology and Practice of “Reconfiliation”

Most Rev. Anthony Obinna, Archbishop of Qwerri, Nigeria

Service of Mid-Day Prayer

Music Provided By:

Sing For America